Development plan

Development plan 2014-2016

The Project Stics Team is coordinating the Stics project on behalf of the model users group and in accordance with Inra. It defines a development plan for 2014/2016, using experts and Inra consultation and advise.


  • STICS is a dynamic model for crop system functioning, biomass prediction and water, carbon and nitrogen balances that must be operational, generic, robust and that can evolve.
  • Crop systems are faced with many challenges: adaptation to climate change, management of rare resources, adaptation to global changes (energy, nutrition, environment, …).
  • it is necessary to assure consistency, efficiency, evolution and promotion of the crop model Stics, alone or within modelling platform, for the evaluation of the sustainability of present or future cropping systems

The 5 goals of the project:

  1. To organize the work of the Project Stics Team to improve the coordination, representation and work of the Stics Project
  2. To strengthen the robustness and the efficiency of the model distributed on the web (parameterization rules, test data base, modification traceability, etc.)
  3. To extend the validity domain of the model by research versions
  4. To promote the use of Stics, inside or outside platforms
  5. To improve the international influence of the model

Modification date : 21 June 2023 | Publication date : 30 January 2014 | Redactor : Equipe Projet Stics